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Pilote temma (montures Takahashi) pour le protocole indi

Temma (Takahashi mounts) indi driver

This is the 0.0 pre-alpha initial version of the temma (Takahashi mounts communication protocol) INDI driver.

It currently supports the basic functions you expect from a GOTO system.

Just do not rely on it in any way for now.
Do not try to remotely operate a mount with it for now.
This initial release is only for test purposes;
it is wise to use it only if you are able to control what the mount is effectively doing.

It has been basically tested under linux with xephem 3.6, CdC alpha0.0.6.

The driver is not yet included in the indi source tree so you will need an indilib source tree to build the driver.

The tarball temmadriver_0.0.tar.gz also contains modified indicom.h and indicom.c files (these are files from indilib) that feature a JDtoGMST function used by the driver. This function should be added in indilib versions after 0.2.

Typically, create an indiinstall directory;
	mkdir  /some/where/indiinstall
cd to that directory:
	cd /some/where/indiinstall
download both tarballs in that directory. Extract the indilib tarball by a
	tar zxvf indilib.tar.gz
cd to the indi directory:
	cd indi
Extract the temma archive in this directory:
	tar zxvf ../temmadriver_0.0.tar.gz
configure and build the package
if everything goes ok, then
	./src/indiserver ./src/temma
should launch the server, to which you can connect with your favourite client (xephem and Cartes du Ciel were tested, Kstars was not, reports welcome).
For xephem, here is a screenshot of the (indi standards) settings used in the xephem indi configuration tool, and one of the xephem indi panel opened with an EM200 attached.

Thanks for reporting problems at the e-address below.

F. Meyer, 2004/10/10, email